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The power of the Gut Instincts

  • Gut Instincts.

The power of the Gut Instincts.

I am sure that we all heard in our professional life something like: ”Go with your Gut instincts”, ”Stop second-guessing yourself” But, sometimes it’s very hard to get with this system.

“We spend our time in a very busy environment, where we don’t have enough time to reflect on our thoughts and listen to what Gut might to say,” Says Melody Wilding, a licensed therapist and professor of human behavior at Hunter College.

Your Gut is collection of shortcuts and insights that being holding since you where born. In the moment, we are not able to access specific information, but our gut has it at the ready.

Carve out time to reflect.

After a meeting or interaction that needs decision on your part, give yourself mental space to reflect. In other words, spend time alone. That is why people say they get their best ideas in the shower.

Being instinctive is not that easy, because it’s a quality that increases and decrease given how much we practice doing it well. Lou Leone recommends listing all the times you trusted your gut and whether the outcome was favorable. Then, when we have positive outcome, it creates a positive feedback loop.

Finally, don’t forget to give yourself half hour window to make it, and then go with your instincts.

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Re: The power of the Gut Instincts by Cleo on May 20, 2016 (score: 0)
Re: The power of the Gut Instincts

Very difficult topic. The instinct never failed me.

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