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Cities and people

When you travel a lot, you realize that the cities look like people. Some are cold and unapproachable, and others are warm and sincere. Perhaps the city takes the character of the people who live in it, or vice versa. Sometimes I think that we should try to live in the cities that match your character. And then you aren’t fighting every day against the city, but contrary, it helps you to carry out the dream.

Geneva – is hurrying businessman who does not care about the weather, the passing people. He is self-sufficient.

Lisbon - it's an old sailor who appreciates life and don’t hurry anywhere. And there isn’t the problem that his house is broken if there are some sun, sea and a little bit fish. And this is the aim of the life.

Barcelona is a reckless guy who likes to have fun and dance. Life - is a constant celebration ... and you should enjoy it. And we will think about the future tomorrow...

Paris Opera

Paris - the beautiful Frenchwoman, who appreciates her comfort, even if she has the financial difficulties. She looks arrogant and sublime, but people admire her beauty and falls in love.

Milan - businessman like Geneva, but a little bit warmer, more responsive. He can help the stranger in the street.

Vienna - cold and principled Herr, who has planned already all his life and has no right to folly. 

And of course, Rome - it is an old Italian who has lived an interesting life. He travelled a lot and seen a lot. He takes life easy and just enjoys his old age. 

Trevi Fountain 

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Re: Cities and people by Clara on May 20, 2016 (score: 0)
Re: Cities and people

The cities are more sinceres than people.

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